Alive Inside: A Viral Video About Music & Memory

Screenshot from the movie Alive Inside
Screenshot from the movie Alive Inside

This viral video about a gentleman named Henry blew up about four to five years ago. It has since reached more than 12 million views on Youtube. It is one of my favorite clips of all time, and it’s part of a documentary that everyone should take the time to watch.

Henry suffers from Alzheimer’s, and had previously been unresponsive to most stimuli in his environment. A group dedicated to helping Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers live a more fulfilling and successful life approach Henry in this clip with simply an iPod and some headphones. The team had researched Henry’s past to find out what kind of music he would have listened to as a young man, and play it for him. Immediately, his eyes light up and he begins singing and talking. The result of the iPod in Henry’s ears is incredible.

This viral video is just one example of many others who clearly benefit from the power of music. The documentary Alive Inside illustrates the same amazing experience for dozens of others affected by the diseases. It clearly outlines the connection between music and memory, and it is one of the most fascinating phenomena. Donate to the cause and/or check out the movie here:


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