David After Dentist

Screenshot of David After Dentist on Youtube
Screenshot of David After Dentist on Youtube

Watch David have the highest high that anyone has ever had after his visit to the dentist. After getting some routine work done on his teeth, the medicine is still hitting him hard in this video that his father took of him. He almost acts like he’s taken PCP or bath salts the way his mood changes from sleepy and tired to rage and anger with the craziest scream yell and then collapse.  In his medicated mind, he thinks that this feeling he’s having will never end and that scares him. I’ve been there before…

This video has helped me through some hard times. David has been an inspiration to me, honestly. He has shown me that even if the rest of the world seems like a sh*t show, you can scream at it until it all goes back to normal.

I think the real novelty of this video is that a child is acting like a homeless person on the streets of LA on a normal Monday. I’ve seen a lot of after-dentist videos, but this little boy really leaves a lasting impression. Love ya, David.


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